Rakuma, a marketplace app owned by Japan-based e-commerce giant Rakuten, has begun listing used products from select Rakuma official shops on EBay on a trial basis, testing demand from U.S. shoppers.

EBay will take commission on sales, while a Rakuten-contracted vendor will provide shipping and customer service in the U.S., added Reuters.

“Opening an e-commerce business in an overseas online marketplace requires a specialized skill set and expertise in handling the complex procedures required for international deliveries and providing multilingual customer support,” wrote Rakuten in a press release.

“Together with EBay, Rakuten Rakuma will support businesses with these processes, providing a program that enables Rakuma official shop merchants to sell products in the U.S. trouble-free. Rakuten Rakuma aims to expand customer channels for Rakuma official shops, thereby promoting merchants’ international sales.”

If the trial — which is mainly focused on fashion — is successful, full-scale services with Rakuma official shops on EBay could be launched, it added.

The move comes in response to the popularity of secondhand products from Japan among international buyers in recent years. The relative weakness of the yen has also made Japanese purchases better value for overseas shoppers.

“As the demand for preloved products grows dramatically, particularly in the U.S., EBay’s primary market, it provides a significant opportunity for Rakuten Rakuma to expand sales channels for Japanese products via EBay.com,” said the company.

EBay has been upping its fashion game lately.

Alongside the takeover of AI-powered authentication service Certilogo last year, recent moves have included the axing of fees for sales of secondhand clothing in the U.K. last month; the expansion of its consignment service, launched last year, to include apparel from more than 30 high-end brands; the expansion of its Authenticity Guarantee service to new and secondhand streetwear; and the launch of Certified by Brand.

Rakuten launched c-to-c marketplace Rakuma in Japan in 2014 and later in Taiwan. It integrated c-to-c marketplace app Fril into Rakuma after acquiring the latter in 2018.

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