Hungary-based AutoWallis — the parent company of No. 2 Hungarian auto site and car auction platform — is aiming to more than double revenue and EBITDA between 2023 and 2028, according to its latest strategy document.

Operating across 16 Central and Eastern European countries and listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, AutoWallis is a car dealership and mobility service provider. It acquired JoAutok and Auto-Licit in 2022 to boost its online presence and create synergies.

If it meets these targets, revenue and EBITDA would reach HUF750 billion ($2.1 billion U.S.) and HUF40 billion ($111 million), respectively.

In 2023, revenue at AutoWallis increased by 36% year on year to HUF366 billion ($1.0 billion U.S.), while EBITDA rose by 36% to HUF 19.7 billion ($55.4 million U.S.).

During this five-year period, the company plans to make two or three acquisitions annually, in addition to growing organically, with the most intensive phase of growth to be completed by 2026.

The company does not plan to increase its capital during this period, instead financing growth using a combination of bank loans, bonds and retained profits.

JoAutok received 727,792 visits in April 2024, according to Similarweb data. Auto-Licit attracted 25,305 visitors during the same month.

JoAutok’s main competitors are and the auto category of horizontal, which are both owned by Ingatlan.

HasznaltAuto saw 8.9 million visits in April, while Jofogas’ auto category had 1.3 million.

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