According to Carlos Horno Santacruz, founder, CEO and “product guy” at Dealcar, a provider of all-in-one management software for car dealers, “The average time to sell a vehicle in Spain is 75 days, while in the U.S. it ranges from 30-35 days. We are the perfect tool that will help reduce these times.” 

Founded in July 2023, Horno Santacruzt told Facunauto (a trade group representing car dealers in Spain) that the company’s SaaS “equips second-hand dealers with the solutions they need to be profitable and optimize the management of their business regardless of their size.” 

For example, it can enable used car dealers to generate extra profits by offering insurance or extended warranties to their customers. 

“We are an all-in-one solution for dealers and multi-brands. Our integrated, AI-powered platform revolutionizes the way used dealers streamline their operations, allowing them to sell online and reduce their sales time.” 

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