Christian Printzell Halvorsen, the incoming CEO of Schibsted Marketplaces, has unveiled his executive team. For the company’s employees, it will be largely a case of “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Norway-based Schibsted Media Group will become Schibsted Media after its News Media division becomes part of the Tinius Trust, which is scheduled to take place on or around June 7. After the separation, Schibsted Marketplaces will retain Schibsted’s stock market listing.

According to the company’s press release, “Its composition reflects Schibsted Marketplaces strategy to be centred around our four core marketplace verticals — Mobility, Jobs, Real Estate and Recommerce — supported by four shared functions and a Foundation unit.”

Apart from Printzell Halvorsen himself, the Executive team will consist of:

  • Per Christian Mørland will remain as CFO but will also be responsible for M&A and Growth & Investments, including “… early stage investments, management of assets not included in the four verticals and the management of ownership, including Schibsted’s holding in Adevinta.”
  • Robin Suwe will become EVP mobility. He is currently SVP Mobility and the CEO of Blocket.
  • Eddie Sjølie will become EVP jobs. He has been with Schibsted since 2011, holding various senior management roles within Finn.
  • Kjersti Høklingen, EVP real estate. She joined Schibsted in 2022 from DNB, Norway’s largest bank, where she was executive vice president of technology and digital channels. She is currently SVP real estate within the company’s Nordic Marketplaces division.
  • Cathrine Laksfoss, EVP recommerce. She has almost eleven years of experience at Schibsted, including as CEO of Schibsted ecommerce and distribution.
  • Hanna Lindqvist, EVP technology. She is currently SVP technology and SVP Aurora Foundations within Nordic Marketplaces.
  • Sven Størmer Thaulow, EVP foundation. Currently chief data and technology officer of Schibsted ASA, he will now be responsible for the common marketplace platform, including shared services, data, brand experience and a new unit driving AI initiatives.
  • Ruben Søgaard, EVP marketing and sales. He was previously commercial director of Schibsted subsidiary Finn.
  • Ragnar Kårhus will become acting EVP people and communications until a permanent successor to outgoing EVP people and communications Grethe Malkmus is found. He was CFO of Schibsted until mid-2023 and has since had a senior advisory role.

The breakup of Schibsted Media Group has been described as trying to separate the ingredients of a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich. For example, Marketplaces is currently dependent on News Media for display advertising, but it will soon have to handle advertising sales on its own.

“A key principle as we designed the organisation was to give more strength and autonomy to our verticals, as we strengthen our focus on the strategic opportunities within them,” commented Printzell Halvorsen.

The name “Schibsted Marketplaces” is a placeholder. The company has been holding an internal competition to find a new name, as the News Media division will keep the Schibsted family name. There is currently no word on when a decision is expected or what the new name could be.

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