In a LinkedIn post, Alejandro de la Hoz de Miguel, co-founder and CEO of motorycycle reconditioner Cüimo, asserted that the company was selling more than 100 motorcycles a month and had reached profitability. 

“A few months ago, we were just four people and we sold a motorcycle every two days. Today we are already more than 20 and we have delivered more than 100 motorcycles in the month of May alone and are a profitable start-up,” he wrote. 

Madrid-based Cüimo works with Itevelesa Automotive to review the mechanical and aesthetic condition of motorcycles and recondition them, providing a 12-month guarantee to buyers. Cüimo also handles the paperwork related to the transfer of ownership and delivers the motorcycle to the purchaser. 

Founded in 2020, the company raised €900,000 ($985,000 U.S.) in a funding round late last year. Its main domestic rival is Barcelona-based MundiMoto.

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