One of the more complicated tasks facing the soon-to-be standalone Schibsted Marketplaces is the creation of a login system, as it will have to replace the current Schibsted ID when the company is spun off from the News Media division.

So far, the Norway-based marketplaces operator has been quiet on this, but last week, Blocket — its Sweden-based horizontal marketplace — announced that it would require all users to identify themselves with BankID. The latter is the Swedish government’s electronic identification system. As a result, it is now impossible for those without BankID to put listings or even send messages on Blocket.

“Verify yourself in order to create an ad”; Screenshot from Blocket app

“As of June 1, 2024, it will no longer be possible to verify yourself using SMS, but everyone who wants to be able to place an ad and send messages on Blocket will have to verify themselves with mobile BankID,” Jessica Cervin, director of customer support and security at Blocket, stated in a press release.

The company described this as a proactive security measure that would make Blocket safer and more secure.

“In recent years, we have gradually increased the requirements for verification, and we have seen very positive results both in the form of increased security and positive reactions from our users. Therefore, we have now chosen to extend the requirements for verification with mobile BankID to apply to the entire platform,” Cervin added.

A complicating factor for Schibsted Marketplaces is that although Norway, Denmark and Finland — the other markets in which it operates — have similar identification systems, none of them are interoperable.

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