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Sweden-based marketplace horizontal Blocket has begun offering refurbished electronics, such as smartphones, from third parties — a service recently launched locally, referred to such items as “renewed.”

Both Amazon and Blocket say they only allow companies that follow strict quality rules to sell refurbished phones through their marketplaces.

Refurbished phones may be a little more expensive than those sold by private sellers, but such purchases are safer since the process is controlled by professionals, according to Blocket, which is a subsidiary of Oslo-based Schibsted Marketplaces (formerly Schibsted Media).

Blocket calls the concept “Nybegagnat,” which means “New but second hand.” Is it currently offering a 5% discount on refurbished products as an introductory offer.

According to Amazon, buyers can return a refurbished product within 90 days and get a one-year guarantee. Blocket offers a two-year guarantee but has a shorter period for returns — 30 days.

Amazon’s rules for refurbishers state: “Each product must be inspected, repaired (if applicable), cleaned and tested to meet cosmetic and functional standards … Any potential refurbishing operation will only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Such parts can be new or refurbished to a like-new condition. No signs of cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents) should be noticeable when the product is held 12 inches or 30 centimeters away … If you break the rules you can loose right to be an Amazon Seller.”

Gulfem Toygar, who leads, told Breakit: “Swedes’ household budgets are under pressure, and we see that interest in buying used products is increasing among our customers.”

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