Dubai-based digital auto dealer DubiCars has announced the launch of its data-driven dealer value report, designed to help both customers and auto dealers in the Emirate.

The report will provide dealers with market data, insights, analysis of consumer trends and other key information to help them make better informed decisions in several areas including purchasing of inventory, whilst using technology to curate the reports.

In an exclusive interview with the AIM Group last year, CEO Craig Stevens shared the company’s plans for the dealer value report and the reasons behind it. “There is no industry data, no one go-to valuation tool, no go-to trim database and it’s challenging; however, it’s also a massive opportunity to become the trusted go-to brand,” he said.

“The industry needs a comprehensive database for vehicles and no one owns that space. It won’t just be for new cars; it’ll be a record of every car over the last 20 years, so consumers and dealers can make better informed decisions.” 

Founded in 2014, DubiCars was relaunched in 2018 with Stevens at the helm and currently advertises over 30,000 new and used cars whilst partnering with over 350 verified auto dealerships.

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