Russia-based marketplace horizontal Avito and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development are once again working together to support self-employed individuals, sole traders and SMEs that promote their goods and services on Avito.

The program is open to those who are new to the marketplace and have verified their accounts.

They can apply for bonuses for promotion on Avito Services and Avito Products once they have activated an ‘extended’ or ‘maximum’ subscription and topped up their Avito wallet with at least RUB1,000 ($11.40 U.S.) in a single payment before Sep. 30. They can then earn a bonus of up to RUB25,000 to promote their goods and services on the site.

During the first stage of the program in 2023, about 4,000 individuals and SMEs received almost RUB4.0 million worth of bonuses.

“Platforms such as Avito are becoming not just an opportunity, but one of the basic channels for promoting services and goods in the era of the development of online tools,” said Vlad Fedulov, managing director for government relations at Avito.

“Entrepreneurs, who in this case become consumers, are very demanding and look for the most profitable and comprehensive conditions for promoting their products.”

According to Avito, there are about five million professional users on the site offering goods and services, and the number of business clients using Avito for sales development or promotion continues to increase.

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