Spain-based DealerCar and CoberClick (“CoverClick”) have begun to work together to help car dealers digitize their operations, according to the latter’s LinkedIn post.

Founded in July 2023, DealCar’s SaaS “equips second-hand dealers with the solutions they need to be profitable and optimize the management of their business, regardless of their size,” according to Carlos Horno Santacruz, the company’s founder and CEO. 

CoberClick inspects used cars prior to purchase for both dealers and private buyers, providing them with a guarantee.

“Thanks to this collaboration, all our customers can access a digitalization service for their dealership that allows them to optimize their time and resources to achieve greater sales results,” the post stated.

“They will be able to quickly and securely manage their stock digitally with a website that does not require technical knowledge. They will also be able to receive payments for vehicle reservations digitally.” 

“All this can be managed through the mobile with a simple application.”

In September last year, CoberClick CEO Patricio Calle Rivera told website Merca2: “We are present throughout Spain and recently opened a branch in the Canary Islands. Our aim is to expand to more markets in Europe and Latin America.” 

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