Russia-based marketplace horizontal Avito has partnered with government agency Avtodor to add data on unpaid tolls to its Avtoteka used cars online inspection reports.

Avtodor has a database that captures information from its network of speed and toll cameras, and this will now be used by Avito Auto. In 2023, the total number of trips on motorways managed by Avtodor exceeded 285 million, up 18% year on year. According to Avito, Avtoteka’s database contains information on approximately 50 million vehicles.

In return, Avito will help Avtodor to communicate with its millions of users.

This partnership will increase the transparency of transactions in the secondhand car market and improve the quality and safety of services for users of Avito Auto, the company said.

It asserts that Avtoteka is the most complete non-state database on vehicle history. Its reports include information on accidents, service and repairs, mileage and whether or not a vehicle has been used commercially, based on data collected by market research agency Autostat.

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