Spain-based Clicars has opened another physical location — its fourth — in Alicante on the southeast coast.

As a result, it is increasingly appropriate to refer to the company as a “hybrid” auto retailer, rather than a purely digital one.

Clicars, which is a subsidiary of Paris-based Aramis Group, also has locations in Madrid (where it is headquartered), Zaragosa and Valencia. Its next target is likely to be Barcelona.

According to Aramis’ latest financial reporting, Clicars saw revenue fall by 17.4% year on year to €151 million ($162 million U.S.) during the six months to March 2024.

However, Aramis remained relatively upbeat regarding the performance of its subsidiary, commenting that “the fall in volumes recorded during the first half of 2024 [at Clicars] hides an underlying improvement in activity over the months, resulting in higher volumes and an increase in profit per unit.”

“This trend is expected to continue in the second half of the year, which is already on track for positive and profitable growth.”

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