EBay is now using AI to help personalize search results for buyers, according to a Fast Company profile of one of its executives, Christine Su.

Su, who joined EBay last year from Twitter where she worked as product lead and then head of product, is the senior director, head of product for homepage and personalization of AI and machine learning recommendations for EBay.

She told Fast Company that EBay is “finessing its matching algorithms.” The marketplace uses large numbers of algorithms to inform present potential buyers with listings that will appeal to them. In its sneakers category, EBay has begun to use generative AI globally to explain to users and provide more transparency on why it is showing certain listings.

In April, EBay introduced Shop the Look, an in-app addition for fashion buyers. It uses generative AI to recommend specific items linked to their shopping and browsing history on EBay. Su said this feature will “gradually tailor to a buyer’s individual style” and that the company is beginning to think about understanding a user’s taste profile.

Su has also been responsible for launching an Explore page, an AI-driven recommendation feed, though this is only currently available in the U.K. A further additional tool for sellers is a listing tool that simplifies posting items to EBay using generative AI to complete the details of a listing based on a photograph.

The company’s ambition, according to Su, is to personalize the “front door of EBay,” to stop the site experience from being a static one. This will enable sellers and buyers to cut through the noise of the millions of their cohorts to match buyers’ requirements with the most appropriate sellers’ listings. According to Su, it is also the reason EBay has merged the AI team with the homepage team and My EBay team.

EBay has merged its AI-team with its homepage and My EBay team, which Su leads. In LinkedIn, Su describes her role as “leading product strategy for the EBay homepage and my EBay” and “leading personalization strategy across the buyer experience.”

Her role is also to “drive relevant, personalized ad recommendations to help our first party sellers reach their perfect buyers through sponsored ads” as well as “Scaling Gen AI-powered recommendations and leapfrog AI capabilities to help buyers find what they love across eBay’s focus categories.”



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