South Korea-based auto marketplace has decided to consolidate its separate transaction services brands into single brand, Encar Trust, which it hopes will become the No. 1 used-car super app.

The auto marketplace is also renewing its mobile home screen to include an AI recommendation function on the landing page. With a revamped user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), the new home screen will also enable users to check most the viewed vehicles and top models.

Encar, which markets its various transaction services from inspection, consultation, payment, consignment and financing under different identities, plans to phase out all separate brands, starting from rebranding its “buy my car” service. Its “sell my car” service will also be merged into Encar Trust in the second half of this year.

“With Encar Trust, we want to create a service that allows both dealers and customers to transact with confidence and convenience,” said a company official.

“We will continue to create new products in the used-car market and introduce differentiated services that can bring a paradigm shift in the process of buying and selling used cars.”

A vehicle history information service, introduced in March, was a step to build trust among used-car buyers.

Encar, owned by Australia-based Car Group (formerly Ltd), has the country’s largest number of diagnostic centers, which reached 55, and a performance inspection center that it directly manages. saw average monthly visits of 6.6 million between December 2023 and May 2024, becoming the second leading auto marketplace in South Korea, according to Similarweb data. leads the online used-car market, with average monthly visits of 17.1 million during the same period. generated AUD56.7 million ($37.7 million U.S.) in revenue during the six months to December 2023.

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