WillHaben, the leading classifieds website in Austria, is providing Ikea Austria with GDPR-compliant insights for customer segmentation — based on first-party marketplace data — through WillHaben’s data management platform (DMP) and the Data Clean Room solution provided by Switzerland-based software provider Decentriq.

IKEA Austria leveraged this data to gain insights into existing target groups and applied these findings to enhance their campaign strategies. In a previous statement, WillHaben explained that its DMP links “millions of data points in a cookieless and anonymized manner … [to] further optimize the accuracy of advertising messages,” using this data to create personas based on the age, gender and interests of consumers.

IKEA Austria’s first-party data — encompassing such characteristics as price segments, shopping basket values and specific target groups such as “parents” — was compared with interest data from WillHaben in a secure, GDPR-compliant technological environment. GDPR compliance requires voluntary user consent and secure data storage.

Decentriq says its Data Clean Room solution enables the compliant comparison and analysis of first-party data, while ensuring data partners maintain “sovereignty” over their data, according to a press release. Throughout the entire process — from uploading to processing and generating insights — each partner is only allowed access their own data, it asserts.

The press release explains that: “State-of-the-art data protection technologies, in particular Microsoft Azure’s Confidential Computing, ensure that the data is fully protected; even Decentriq, as the provider of the Data Clean Room, can never view the data. The Data Clean Room uses algorithms to process and generate data insights.”

“An essential component of our data-driven advertising playout is the Data Clean Room solution provided by Decentriq, which makes it possible to provide advertisers with high-quality first-party marketplace data in a data protection-compliant environment,” according to Jochen Schneeberger, head of digital advertising at WillHaben. He adds that an initial test in early 2024 has already been used in a campaign.

“A look at the results of the performance campaign showed uplifts in many KPIs after just a few days. Significant improvements of 20 to 30% in cost per visit, 15 to 20% in cost per action and an average increase in ROAS [return on advertising spend] of 10% were achieved,” Schneeberger says.

“As experts in secure data collaboration, we recognized the shift to the cookieless era in the advertising industry at an early stage and developed a corresponding solution,” says Maximilian Groth, co-founder and CEO of Decentriq.

John Oakley, country marketing manager at IKEA Austria, comments: “With the Data Clean Room and our first-party marketplace data, we now have a solution that shows us in detail where we can actually find our IKEA target groups on WillHaben, even where we would not have expected to find them. This will allow us to target our advertising messages even more precisely in future while maintaining the highest level of data protection.”


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