Australia-based CommBank is collaborating with auto marketplace Carsales and auto retailing software provider Vyro to enable its customers to buy used or new cars through its app and NetBank website.

“The service will help customers find, finance and manage their next new or used car and provides exclusive discounts and benefits for customers purchasing an electric vehicle (EV),” according to CommBank’s news release.

Moreover, consumers can get an offer from Carsales on their existing vehicle within 24 hours.

“Given average EV car prices have reduced, there are a number of good deals available. Our aim is to connect our customers to cars available via Carsales and Vyro and also to the great deals we’ve sourced exclusively from manufacturers of EVs,” said CommBank consumer finance executive GM Marcos Meneguzzi.

“Once a customer has purchased a car through the CommBank app or Netbank, they will be able to manage the financial and ancillary services to do with the car — such as insurance or energy providers — all in one place via the app.”

Owned by Car Group (formerly Pty Ltd), Carsales is the leading auto marketplace in Australia. It also owns auto marketplaces in Chile, in Brazil and in South Korea.

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