According to AutoScout24 CMO Thomas Krausse, “The role of marketing managers is changing from creators to curators of AI-generated content.”

In an interview with Absatz Wirtschaft, he outlined how the Germany-based auto marketplace employs generative AI (GenAI) for marketing purposes.

“We see AI tools as effective support in everyday marketing and use them in a wide variety of areas, above all in [scalable] personalized content production and advertising-material creation,” he said.

“AI is also used in the real-time optimization of campaigns in terms of performance and efficiency and, of course, for inspiration and idea generation.”

Krausse added that AutoScout24 used AI video generator HeyGen, as well as MidJourney for testing.

In the light of ongoing concerns involving copyright, data protection and bias, Krausse asserted that it remained to be determined “to what extent AI should be allowed to make autonomous decisions and how we can ensure that it does not reinforce existing social inequalities but acts fairly and inclusively.”

AutoScout24 will continue using “AI-supported customer personas” to both produce highly personalized content that is tailored to the users and automate repetitive processes, he said.

Founded in 1998 as MasterCar AG, AutoScout24 says it has around 500 employees, approximately two million vehicle listings, more than 43,000 dealer partners and about 30 million users per month. It is active in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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