Our Story

The AIM Group, formally the Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, is the world’s leading consultancy in interactive media and classified advertising. We publish Classified Intelligence Report, a continuous advisory service known as “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” The AIM Group / Classified Intelligence consultants are leaders in their industries. All of us have practical, real-world experience operating and managing traditional and interactive-media businesses.

The AIM Group works with leading media companies, broadcasters, dot-coms, yellow-page publishers and technology companies. The company was founded in 1998 by Peter M. Zollman and is based in Orlando, Florida. The AIM Group is a virtual, global team of consultants who provide strategic and tactical consulting; sales training; proprietary and published research about interactive media, and other services. The AIM Group works with newspapers, dot-coms, broadcasters, ASPs, technology vendors and corporate clients to help develop successful interactive-media services.

Our focus is the intersection of interactive media and traditional media like newspapers, broadcasting, yellow pages and magazines. We work with our clients to develop successful, real-world businesses, and spend our time on practical issues and immediate concerns. But we also keep long-term concerns in mind, carefully balancing the present and the future. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Classified advertising – print and online
  • Increasing revenue at traditional media websites
  • Sales training for interactive- and traditional-media sales representatives
  • Audience development strategies and tactics
  • Strategic workshops and interactive-media coaching for senior executives
  • Advertiser presentations – local media, real estate, automotive, recruitment
  • Call-center optimization for traditional and interactive-media publishers
  • New advertising models, including pay-per-click and pay-for-performance advertising
  • Local search and its implications for retail and classified advertising, and publishers
  • The growing need for video content on media Web sites
  • The increasing use of mobile applications for content and advertising
  • Using e-mail as a marketing tool, traffic builder and advertising delivery vehicle

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike many consultants, the AIM Group never presents “canned” or “off-the-shelf” presentations, or unsupported revenue numbers and projections that are based on flimsy or undisclosed methodology. We work closely with our clients to provide specific, detailed, actionable strategies and tactics that deliver higher revenue, sales reps who are trained in real-world interactive media issues, and more effective interactive media tools for publishers.

Where We Excel

Strategic Executive Workshops: In the day-to-day crush of business, senior executives at media companies rarely take an opportunity to step back and look at the near-term and long-term future – asking and answering the questions: Where are we going? What are we doing? Do we have the right product mix? Do we have the right corporate structure to deal with challenges today and the future? At the end of our workshop, you’ll have a specific plan with individual assignments, timetables, deadlines and priorities for follow-up and long-term action.

Strategic / tactical analysis: As with a strategic executive workshop, we help you answer questions about your corporate goals and objectives. We bring a unique outsider’s perspective to insiders’ questions. AIM Group consultants have senior executive experience at media companies, and we know what it’s like to run a business. We can put ourselves in your shoes to consider what you should be doing to position your business today and for the future.

Client / prospect perception analysis: What do your clients think of your company? And how do your prospects perceive you and the products or services you offer? You may know the answers to those questions – or you may only think you know the answers. By developing and conducting a perception study, we can find out what your advertisers and prospects think of your company, products and services. We’ll get the answers you’re not hearing.

Vendor Analysis: Seeking a new vendor for a new interactive service is a challenge. Services change; quoted prices aren’t always what they seem, and getting the “real scoop” on customer service and support can be difficult. Listing prospective vendors is easy. Figuring out which is the best for you is the hard part. We’ll save you time and money by guiding you through the vendor maze.

Competitive classifieds analysis: Newspapers used to be the best – frequently the only – place for advertisers to sell a car or a house, hire a new employee, or sell a gently used couch. Not so any more. Now there are Realtor.com, Monster.com and AutoTrader.com; pennysavers and Auto Traders and neighborhood flyers; Craigslist and Kijiji, Dice.com and Nursing World. All are tough competitors. We can take an objective, independent look at your competition and let you know what you need to do to be more effective.

Corporate / association presentations: AIM Group consultants are often called on to speak at major industry conferences worldwide. We frequently present to corporate groups and at other proprietary functions. Every presentation is specifically developed to meet the needs of the sponsors. Topics we currently offer: Community and local content; the changing nature of online classifieds; mobile and video services; and more. Have your own topic? Try us.

Market analysis and positioning reports: We’ll help you identify the market size, opportunities and threats, business drivers, indentify key market segments and then help you position your solutions for your clients.

Advertiser presentations: Teaching advertisers about adding interactive media to their spending mix is a critical issue for publishers – online and even print. AIM Group consultants present engaging, effective, revenue-generating programs for a wide variety of companies and groups for recruitment, auto, real estate and retail advertisers. You bring the audience – with our help – and we’ll provide an exciting, educational program for your advertisers to help them maximize their revenue opportunities. And yours!

Website review reports: Has your site had a check-up lately? Our Web site review reports are an excellent tool for measuring progress in usability, presentation, product development and user adoption. Each report systematically and objectively measures performance of a given website on a numerical score base on criteria such as navigation, search and browsing experience, customer care and help, ad placement and accessibility for the disabled, and more.

These are just some of the ways we can help you.

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We watch the smartest people, the best practices, even the mistakes. By following the industry around the world, we can share the trends and the practices that will make you better. We help you increase revenue. We help you train your staff. We help you develop a long-term strategy or short-term tactics for growth. We work with you hands on to help you improve your business.

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AIM Group headquarters:


402 Spring Valley Road

Altamonte Springs, Florida  32714


EMEA headquarters:


Aschauer Str. 21, D-81549

Munich, Germany

Meet The Team

Peter M. Zollman

Founding Principal

Peter M. Zollman brings more than 35 years of media experience to his role as founding principal of the AIM Group / Classified (more…)

Katja Riefler

Principal / Managing Director

Katja Riefler, AIM Group Principal and Managing Director, has a broad background working with newspapers, trade associations and online (more…)

Jonathan Turpin


Jonathan has more than 20 years experience leading digital businesses, working across the media, data and software-as-a-service (more…)

Rob Paterson

Principal / Director of Consulting

Rob Paterson has been in the classified advertising / marketplaces business nearly 30 years. He led the transformation (more…)

Jim Townsend

Principal / Editorial Director

Jim Townsend, editorial director and a principal of the AIM Group, is a career journalist, consultant and interactive media pioneer with (more…)

Pavel Marceux

Managing Editor

Pavel Marceux is Managing Editor of Classified Intelligence. As a writer, he focuses on the Russian market. Following his MA at Edinburgh (more…)

Léo Siqueira

Director - Latin America

Léo Siqueira is the director for Latin America as well as a writer/analyst. Siqueira has been writing, reporting, and consulting for different news outlets and corporations in (more…)

Brian Blum

Senior Writer / Analyst – US, CA, Israel

Brian Blum covers the U.S., Canada and Israel for Classified Intelligence Report, and contributes to our special reports and research projects. (more…)

Angela Hawksford

Director - Asia-Pacific

Angela is a writer and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. She became Director-Asia-Pacific in mid-2017. Her extensive knowledge of the Australian real estate industry (more…)

Anastasia Gnezditskaia

Writer / Analyst – The Netherlands

Anastasia Gnezditskaia is a writer / analyst covering France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. A Russian living in Antwerp, Belgium, she has (more…)

Lars Herlin

Senior Analyst – Europe

Lars Herlin is an AIM Group senior analyst for Europe, and our expert on Schibsted. He had a long career in journalism at Expressen, Svenska Dagbladet and Veckans (more…)

Tom Marling

Writer / Analyst - China

Tom is a PhD candidate in Chinese History at Hong Kong Baptist University, and former PR consultant in Mainland China. He joined the AIM Group in 2016 (more…)

Adegoke Seun

Writer / Analyst

Adegoke Oluwaseun is our West Africa analyst covering major markets such as Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. He has eight years experience in online journalism covering (more…)

Cila Warncke

Writer / Analyst - Spain

Cila joined AIM Group in 2014 as writer/analyst for Spain. An Anglo-American living in Ibiza, she brings extensive international writing and consulting experience (more…)

Emre Dalkilic

Writer / Analyst - Turkey

Emre Dalkilic joined the AIM Group in 2014 as writer and analyst for Turkey. He has been working as a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief, and executive (more…)

Andrzej Sowula

Writer / Analyst – Poland

Andrzej Sowula has been a writer / analyst for the AIM Group since 2013, focusing on the Polish market. He has worked in Poland as a journalist for (more…)

Talal Abu Issa

Writer / Analyst – Middle East

Talal Abu Issa is an AIM Group writer / analyst. He has covered interactive media and classified advertising in the Middle East and Europe, and has (more…)

Oskar Lück

Writer / Analyst

Oskar is a 4th year student currently pursuing an MBA in accounting at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. (more…)

Tariq Ahmed Saeedi

Writer / Analyst – Pakistan

Tariq Ahmed Saeedi covers Pakistan and Japan. Tariq is curious to dig up stories revealing the potential of technologies in turning things around. He carries a more (more…)

Ayman Helal

Writer / Analyst – MENA

Ayman Helal is a writer / analyst for the Middle East and North Africa. He also has worked as a journalist and editor at Dar- Al Hayat, a pan-Arab (more…)

Diana Neatu

Business Developer – EMEA

Diana Neatu is AIM Group business developer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, working closely with managing director Katja Riefler to support our current clients and (more…)

Ivone Punuh


Ivone worked as a secretary for Australian and German companies from age 20 to 23. Successfully co-founded her family company at the age of 24 (more…)

Suzanne Lander

Finance Manager

Suzanne Lander works directly with Founding Principal, Peter M. Zollman. She brings with her 30+ years in Financial and Office Management/Administration. (more…)

Robin Monti

Client Services Manager

Robin Monti handles our client requests, email and contact list updates, and a wide range of marketing responsibilities. Before joining the (more…)

Luke Smith

Marketing Director

Luke has more than 15 years experience in all areas of marketing. He began in direct mail and basic online marketing and as the industry (more…)