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Special Report: Generative AI

Marketplace disruption is here.

Generative AI wins the award for hottest topic at marketplaces this year.

It’s the present, it’s the future, it’s the essential tool that will change our world for years to come.

So of course, the AIM Group gives you detailed, extensive (yet still human) analysis. And we also provide valuable, in-depth ideas and suggestions from some of the leading AI vendors working with marketplaces today.

The AIM Group wants to help you chart a path toward improved operations through AI.

The 71-page report includes nearly 40 charts, graphics and interesting tidbits with:

  • An extensive overview of the current state of AI at marketplaces
  • Automotive, real estate, recruitment and multi-vertical content
  • Profiles of three vendors providing tools
  • A service directory of more than 25 companies globally

Download your free copy today.