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Pracuj launches Facebook chatbot, CV creator

Polish job site Pracuj.pl has launched a Facebook chatbot called Radzimił along with a free CV creator. The chatbot can search through the 50,000 listings on the site to recommend the best ones for users.  This content is part of our business intelligence service....

Alma Media launches Tunto for employers reviews

In Finland, Alma Media has launched Tunto --- a digital service that sheds light on the employer image of various companies. The site is part of Alma Media’s recruitment services and Alma Markets' business segment. This content is part of our business intelligence...

Agora reports lower digital revenue in Q1

Polish media group Agora reported a slight decline in revenue and profit for its internet division in Q1 FY2019. Revenue from the division amounted to 37.6 million Polish zlotys ($9.8 million U.S.) — down from 40.2 million Polish zlotys in Q1 FY2018. This content is...