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Auto Trader alters search algorithm

Leading British automotive vertical AutoTrader.co.uk has introduced changes to its search algorithm functionality to give higher priority to the search criteria consumers select. The adjustment follows testing that showed the change would create 10% more leads than...

HeyCar launches in the U.K.

German used-car vertical HeyCar was launched in Britain today. The company was first launched by Volkswagen Financial Services in Germany in 2017 and aimed to challenge the dominance of German market leaders Mobile.de and AutoScout24. HeyCar’s U.K. operations...

Job sites report Google to EU

Several European recruitment verticals have joined together to complain to the European Union’s competition commissioner about anti-competitive behaviour. Reuters reports that 23 job search websites have signed a letter to the commissioner Margrethe Vestager, which...

Len Short from LotLinx at AutosBuzz 2019

“Many dealers still think they can clear lots with price drops but it isn’t clearing lots, it’s shifting in-store behaviours.” Len Short, the founder in 2012 and CEO of LotLinx, says managing stock using targeted data helps dealers maintain margins and drive...