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Alibaba’s Xiaozhu heads to Japan

Alibaba's home-sharing unicorn Xiaozhu, also known as “China’s answer to Airbnb,” will be making a move into the Japanese market. Wang Liantao, chief operating officer of Xiaozhu, said: "The number of hotel rooms in the Japanese market is limited and the price is...

XiangWuShuo charity promotes rural literacy

China's leading cashless used goods marketplace XiangWuShuo has founded a charitable organisation committed to tackling child literacy in rural China. The Shanghai XiangWuShuo Fund is already supplying used books and educational materials to rural schools and funding...

5i5j.com upgrades VR viewing tech

58.com-backed secondary and rental property brokerage and listings provider 5i5j.com (AKA, 5I5J) has upgraded its virtual reality (VR) viewing technology to allow users to visualize renovations while viewing a property. The new viewing technology is currently...