Automotive Advertising Annual 2017

The global car market continues to grow, with classifieds at the center of its evolution in technology and advertising. Niche search algorithms, marketing solutions for dealers and geolocation services are changing the dynamics between the seller and buyer. 

The AIM Group’s 2017 Automotive Advertising Annual addresses these shifts. In particular, we take a look at how the underdog CarGurus won the web traffic war in the U.S.; how horizontals are taking on verticals in the battle for dealerships; and ways in which auto platforms are monetizing increasingly large swathes of data. 

Inside, you’ll also find a sections on company innovations across the globe, the most interesting auto start-ups, and profiles of top auto classifieds by country. 

We cover 30 countries and nearly 100 companies in 65 pages, which includes a “mini-CIR” of non-automotive content.

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