AutosPlus Conference 2017

AutosPlus is the first conference in the world dedicated to innovations in automotive advertising and technology. We’ll look at all topics that matter to your business – innovation, best practice, case studies and news you can use to improve your business!

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Networking is at the core of our conferences. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with CEOs from automotive advertising sites around the world, look at the trends impacting the industry, consider changing business models, discover interesting technology and learn from your peers.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • The challenge of horizontal classifieds
  • AI and machine learning
  • Success stories – How people did what they did
  • Business models and pricing
  • Data – How to you turn them into a business?
  • How to sell to dealers
  • How to please the consumers
  • Start-ups worth watching
  • Investing in automotive sites – what makes it hot?
  • The disruptors are coming!  How to make your business future proof

You’ll have a day-and-a-half in London, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. There will be plenty of time for meeting with colleagues, checking out suppliers and getting out in the evening to see the sights.

Our speakers will include CEOs, technology experts, founders and technology experts. We’ll keep the sessions short, with lots of time for questions and answers, to stay focused on what you really want to know.

Check back often for details on registration, speakers, hotel and more.

Come early and spend the weekend in London. It’s worth the visit!

Katja RieflerPrincipal/Managing Director, AIM Group

katjar @  | +49 178 695 76 71

Peter M. ZollmanFounding Principal, AIM Group

peterz @  | +1.407.788.2780