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Our premium monthly online news subscription offers current, actionable business intelligence.  Insightful and measured content that provides extensive analysis into automotive, real estate, recruitment and horizontal marketplaces and classifieds. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Marketplaces Digest provides a free weekly news summary, drawn from our premium news service. Twice monthly AIM Group Marketplaces Report, formerly Classified Intelligence Report, adds deeper insight and analysis. Subscribers can access more than 17,000 articles on AIMGroup.com featuring the latest news and analysis from around the world.

Deep dive annual and special reports are included in our top subscription package and also available for individual purchase.

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Recruitment Intelligence

Access premium recruitment articles, receive our weekly Recruitment Intelligence news digest, and explore in-depth analysis from our 2022 reports.

*Premium news service subscribers receive access to all daily articles published “behind the paywall” at AIMGroup.com except articles from AIM Group Marketplaces Report.

**Special editions of AIM Group Marketplaces Report are published irregularly; we average three special reports each year.

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