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We work with clients globally,with more than 20 people worldwide following the changes in classified advertising more closely than anyone else. Every project we provide is developed in conjunction with our client, for that specific engagement. Let us know how we can help you meet your objectives.

As consultants, we’re often asked, “What can you do for us?”

The short answer is, “It depends.”

We can help you work smarter.

We can train your staff to deal with the changes affecting them and their customers.

We can help you design a strategy for the future.

We can keep you informed of day-to-day developments affecting your business.

We can help you generate more revenue.

But it really depends on the answer to two simple questions:

    “What’s keeping you up at night?” and

    “What would you do tomorrow if only you had the resources and the time?”

Unlike some consultants, we don’t come in with a stock set of programs we’ve done dozens of times before. We don’t do the same repetitive pitch day-after-day.

Everything we do is customized for our clients.

We work with you to figure out what you need. We talk about your immediate requirements and your long-term goals and objectives. We figure out where you are and where you need to go.

Sometimes it’s simple: “Let’s launch this new product.” “We need to increase revenue.” “Can you help us select a vendor?” And sometimes it’s more complicated: “We need to figure out what our business is going to look like next year, and in five years.”

We have experience in all of those areas, and we design our engagements to meet those needs. Our consultants have been involved in interactive media and traditional media as leaders, as builders, as executives, and as facilitators.

What you get as a subscriber to Classified Intelligence Report, our continuous advisory service:

  • One year of Classified Intelligence Report, published twice a month (23 time a year)
  • CI Alerts so you’ll know about breaking developments you can act on NOW
  • Three consultation conference calls one-on-one with your team and our analysts to discuss topics of specific interest to you
  • Access to our online archive that includes CIR, Special Reports on automotive, real estate and recruitment advertising, plus special reports on topics including Craigslist and free classifieds worldwide, self-service ad placement, and more
  • Clients-only content on
  • Reprint rights for certain content from Classified Intelligence Report
  • Free posts to our “Jobs in classifieds” job board
  • Free publication of your company’s news releases on
  • Multiple ‘seats’ or licenses

Typically, our recipients are senior executives at their companies with responsibility for classified advertising and interactive media; operational individuals, who can take advantage of the “news you can use” in CIR to implement new products or services, and improve existing services, or “up and coming” staff members who would benefit from learning about the global nature of interactive classified advertising.

Want more? Let us customize a package for you. Contact us.