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2013 Recruitment Advertising Annual

2012 Global Automotive Classifieds Annual

2012 Global Classifieds Annual


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Report #1:  2012 Global Recruitment Advertising Annual

Be nimble, be quick … Be social, be mobile
Recruitment sites find new ways to serve employers and job-seekers

Recruitment advertising sites around the world are reporting increases in ad volume and traffic, if not revenue. Major global investments are being made in mobile technology and social media. The influence of social behaviors, both online and offline, is changing consumer expectations from job-seekers and job advertisers.

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Report #2:  2012 Global Automotive Classifieds Annual

— What’s happening in automotive advertising?

— Which publishers are the most forward-looking and creative?

— How are auto advertising sites and publishers finding new revenues?

— What’s the impact of social tools and mobile devices?

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Report #3:  2012 Global Classifieds Annual

Four major players battle it out; Craigslist revenue, profits resume growth in 2011

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With multimillion dollar profits at stake, four major international companies are battling for supremacy in classified advertising worldwide, the AIM Group reveals in a new 171-page, special edition of Classified Intelligence Report.

Craigslist, the smallest of the “Big Four” companies profiled in the report, will generate 2012 revenue of $126 million and profits of up to $103 million, the AIM Group estimated. It’s a 9.7 percent increase over the company’s revenue in 2011.

The remaining Big Four companies, EBay, Naspers and Schibsted, are competing head-to-head in a number of markets and are growing organically, by acquisition and through aggressive marketing.  But in several countries, including Belgium, Spain and Switzerland, independently owned sites have managed to take the lead in spite of the efforts of the Big Four.