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Tom Caywood shaking things up at Media General

Tom Caywood likes shaking things up, he always has. From his tenure in Lexington and then San Jose for Knight Ridder Digital to his days in Dallas This article is...

New social niche job site

JobsInClerical just launched, with a very specific audience - those who offer clerical telework positions, and those who seek them.  It's much too early to...

Canadian eyeballs don’t attract ad dollars

Canadians spend more time, but fewer advertising dollars, online than occurs in other countries. That's the theme of a major Sept. 26 piece in the National...

Casinos, behavioral tracking and you

I was listening to an old episode of one of my favorite NPR shows and podcasts, Radio Lab. The topic was how we choose and it featured a fascinating and highly...

Newspaper preprint advertising network in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh and the greater Western PA area now have a newspaper network for preprint advertising buys. The Greater Pittsburgh Newspaper Network (GPNN) launched...

Facecard – spending money on Facebook

I love to follow the ideas generated by gaming companies. It's a great demographic for publishers and broadcasters. These gamers are devoted, avidly...

Your life is an open Facebook

If you've never believed the adage that what you do online is less than private, read on. Inside Facebook, a blog about everything Facebook, offers an extensive...

Newspapers seem to avoid interactive conferences

A few weeks ago, folks representing some of the largest and most interesting media, advertising and marketing companies gathered at a couple of interactive media...

Finally, some serendipity

I don't know about you, but I love going to the bookstore / newsstand to peruse the covers of magazines (those that are left, at least). A new, experimental...

LinkedIn increases users, now increasing staff

Not only is LinkedIn a must-be place for media executives who want to grow their business network, but it's also a good example of how to make money and grow...

Three Ideas Worth Millions

Forbes magazine recently published its "10 Ideas Worth Millions" - companies whose ideas were good enough for venture capitalists to pour millions into. Forbes...

Stock market punishes Canada’s Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Group controls about 93 per cent of the print directory business in Canada, as well as Auto Trader publications which dominate the used auto market....

The outlook for U.S. real estate

We just watched this week's online video at Realty Times, which focused heavily on the issue of tax credits for U.S. home buyers. While the National Association of...

Virtual conference rooms can also generate revenue

Shift Worldwide just announced the launch of Virtual Conference Rooms, an innovative, browser-based platform that fills the visual void existing in most, if not...