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Debbie Stowe

Writer / Analyst

Debbie Stowe, an author and freelance journalist, started covering “other Europe” — Portugal, Greece, the Balkans (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia), Luxembourg, Iceland and Cyprus — for the AIM Group in 2019. Based in Romania, she graduated in English literature from University College London and Periodical Journalism from City University, London. Her business journalism has included writing and editing for Euromonitor and several Bucharest-based outlets, and she has also authored travel guidebooks for Thomas Cook Publishing on destinations from the Maldives to Mediterranean cruising to Manchester.


  • Romanian
  • Some French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English

Fun facts

  • Recorded two albums of children’s songs with a Romanian rock star for her baby singing group in Bucharest
  • As a student journalist she interviewed a member of disco group Boney M naked. (The member of Boney M was the naked one.)
  • Was so dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club as a teenager that she travelled to an away match despite a train strike. Because she couldn’t get home, she ended up spending the night in a police station.
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