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Jess Barkulis


Jess has self-titled herself, ‘Jess of all Trades’, since she does a little bit of everything – social media, marketing, admin, and to her continuing horror and frustration, ‘stuff with Excel’. Prior to joining the AIM Group, and before living the dream as a wife and mom, she worked in marketing and promotions at National Geographic and as a defense contractor for the U.S. Navy.


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Fun Facts

  • Was invited to try out for Jeopardy but had to decline because the audition was in another state and she was less than 2 weeks away from her due date. She plans on reminding her daughter of this when it comes time to pay for college. I’ll take ‘Missed Opportunities’ for $200, Alex.
  • Meal plans every week for her family as a form of relaxation and runs several recipe pages.
  • Sat 20 rows from the dugout in 1996 when the Yankees won the World Series, in an epic comeback against the Braves.
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