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Prabhu Prasad

Writer / Analyst

Prabhu has been the AIM Group writer/analyst for India since early 2018. An engineer who ventured into journalism, Prabhu has written for various publications, including TuneMedia, Valnet Inc., and Culture Trip. Concurrently, he has strategized and developed communications for various impact-led organizations operating in the MENA region, shaping the discourse of social, economic and environmental responsibility. Prabhu is based in Bengaluru and has a novel in the works.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada (regional language)

Fun facts

  • Prabhu doesn’t go more than three days without listening to his favorite band, TOOL.
  • He’s watched almost every critically acclaimed movie and TV series.
  • He has promptly purchased an original artwork or painting on the first Sunday of every January since 2017.
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