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Rachel Velebny

Writer / Analyst

Rachel Velebny joined the AIM Group in March 2021, covering marketplaces in the Netherlands, where she is currently based, as well as freelance recruitment and fashion resale marketplaces. Rachel received her Bachelor’s in political science from the University of Idaho, where she is from originally, and her Master’s degree in fashion journalism from Manchester Metropolitan University. In between Idaho and the U.K., Rachel lived in Prague where she taught English as a second language, managed high-value accounts for a boutique travel firm, and kept a personal expat blog. Since obtaining her MA, Rachel has written for several lifestyle sites, consulted on communication strategy for a local fashion media company, and contributed profiles of startups and founders to a series of localized business guides.


  • English
  • Czech
  • Basic French

Fun facts:

  • Interviewed the U.K.’s (then) Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Angela Rayner, for her thesis project satirizing women’s lifestyle guides (and learned more about Boris Johnson’s hair than she cared to).
  • Trained as a classical ballet dancer and during her Bachelor’s studies, she choreographed a community theatre production of Nunsense.
  • Has never owned a car.

Rachel Velebny