2013 Global Classifieds Annual


The “2013 Global Classifieds Annual” is our largest issue ever: 188 pages. It covers the “Big Five;” eight investment companies that are placing large bets in the classified field; 18 “sites to watch;” and 120 classified sites in 41 countries. It identifies eight investment companies that have placed major bets in the classified industry, and covers the “Big Five” global classified companies — Axel Springer, Craigslist, EBay Classifieds Group, Naspers and Schibsted.

The report also includes our annual revenue report on Craigslist featuring five market revenue charts. The company has increased its revenue by almost one-third this year, to $166.5 million, and maintains remarkable profit margins around 80 percent.

Each of the report’s articles and profiles includes “news you can use” — ways you can increase your revenue, find funding sources or learn from the leaders.

The special report is included in the Classified Intelligence Report continuous advisory service for AIM Group clients, but is available for purchase for $1,295/ €960.


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