2017 Global Classified Annual Report


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After another spectacular year in classifieds, the AIM Group is proud to present its Global Classified Advertising Annual 2017.

This report explores global trends, the technologies making a difference today and tomorrow, the revenue opportunities, the brightest start-ups from across the globe and an overview of the Big 6 of classifieds.

We also bring you the latest products and services rolled out by horizontals globally over the past 12 months and a country-by-country analysis of every major market.

Who are the top three horizontals players in China, Brazil or Nigeria? We provide the details.

With more than 100 pages of content, the Global Classified Advertising Annual will ask why Efritin shut down in Nigeria, if EBay is losing the battle for the U.S. market, what reforms Schibsted is undertaking, and why Facebook is the most frightening force for any established marketplace or classifieds today. And there is much, much more inside.

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