2018 Recruitment Advertising Annual


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Google has made aggressive strides into jobs, with three products – Google Search for Jobs, Cloud Job Discovery and Google Hire – positioning the search behemoth as the company to watch in recruitment advertising. Facebook’s job tools, launched little more than a year ago, continue to evolve. Facebook users can now create “work histories,” resumes or CVs, really, that can be shared privately by job-seekers.

This is one of the major themes of this year’s Recruitment Advertising Annual from the AIM Group.

In “company highlights” we look at major websites reshaping recruitment advertising. Will Indeed triple its revenue, as targeted, and remain the world’s dominant recruitment ad company? Can LinkedIn keep expanding and growing as a Microsoft subsidiary? Is Seek well-positioned to expand in China, the most populous job market in the world?

Over 90 pages of interviews, insights, and analysis of recruitment advertising.

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