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2023 Recruitment Annual

Our Recruitment Marketplaces Annual is here. The great resignation to the great move forward to the great recession to another bounce back? If you’ve got whiplash, congratulations, because you’ve been paying attention! The mega report looks at trends like ChatGPT, programmatic ads, CPA, salary transparency, and we check out what Indeed, Seek and Schibsted are doing.

2022 Real Estate Annual

Despite economic turmoil, real estate marketplaces are poised to make a killing. Being quick off the mark in adapting to the chaos, the long-term changes are going to pay off. The fundamental shift away from listings to qualified seller leads is major. In this 123-page report, we give you information to help you transform your business.

2022 Automotive Annual

Roller coaster economic times. Meteoric rises and spectacular flameouts. The hunt for used cars. Online dealers, one-time darlings of the automotive business, are fighting for survival. Trends like OEMs muscling in on dealers like a monster truck on a minivan. Effective sourcing for used cars. Finance and insurance tools for online sales. A shift to EVs. We hit all these and more, in our latest annual report, a 136-page powerhouse.

2022 Global Marketplaces

Our Global Marketplaces Annual is here and on the heels of skyrocketing e-commerce and transactions explosion, a recession may loom. Can marketplaces ride it out and thrive? The report digs deep into the landscape of transactions, artificial intelligence, trust and safety, authentication, and user communities, with wide-ranging insights from major international operators to smaller companies in the classified space.

25th Anniversary Report

Take a tour through the past 25 years of classifieds and marketplaces with Peter M. Zollman, principal and founder of the AIM Group.

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