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Vivivit.com launches creator’s hub project

Vivivit.com, a job-matching site for IT engineers and web designers in Japan, has launched a creator’s hub project to certify partners and help recruiters and employers net pre-screened candidates.  Vivivit.com folds more than 50,000 portfolios from creative students...

Yolo-Japan introduces ATM payment service

Yolo-Japan, which operates job-matching sites for foreigners, has introduced a new salary receipt service for workers who don’t have bank accounts in Japan. Foreign workers can now use one of Seven Payment Service’s auto teller machines nationwide to withdraw...

Tryout introduced to attract Filipinos

Tech jobs start-up WorkInTokyo.net, which sources talent from the Philippines, has introduced a new feature called ‘Tryout’ to eliminate mismatches between employers and job-seekers.  WorkInTokyo was launched in Dec. 2018 to introduce IT engineers and programmers from...

Persol Holdings closes DataShip

TechPlay.jp will showcase career-enhancement and capacity building opportunities for data scientists after its parent company Persol Holdings Limited terminates its online learning program DataShip. Persol Holdings announced the shutdown earlier this month. TechPlay...

Leverages gets a new CEO

Leverages Inc., a Japanese staffing firm with local and overseas operations, has appointed Takenori Mayama (間山 哲規) as its new CEO to realize profitability for the company’s new services. These include a job-matching site for graduates at CareerTicket.jp, a job-hunting...