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Suumo.jp ties up with HomePro

Suumo.jp, the No.1 Japanese property marketplace (in terms of traffic), has entered into a collaboration agreement with the country’s largest renovation firm search engine HomePro (ホームプロ). It will now list 900 remodeling companies on its “remodel”...

Akippa ties up with Address

Rental parking app Akippa has tied up with short-term rental property startup Address to increase parking space listings on its platform. Founded in Dec. last year, Address matches vacant homes and idle villas in Japan and around the world with people who want to...

Nomu.com adds appeal to saleable properties

Property vertical Nomu.com, which is owned by Nomura Real Estate Holdings Inc., has introduced house cleaning and professional photography services to improve the sales value of properties. The services are available for both individual and corporate customers....