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Ga Tech plans fourth sales office

Property firm Ga Technologies plans to open a fourth branch in August to expand sales channels and strengthen its contact with customers in Fukuoka. Tokyo-headquartered Ga Tech already has offices in Osaka and Nagoya. The company recently relocated its headquarters to...

Akippa introduces monthly parking ads

Rental parking app Akippa will kick-start a new periodical use service from next week to establish a long-term relationship between renters and landlords. So far, Akippa allows online reservations for a minimum of 15 minutes on a daily basis. The regular use service...

At Home launches Lab to develop AI

AtHome.co.jp, the No. 3 property vertical in Japan in terms of traffic, is using AI technology to improve its capacity to analyze property images and text content and detect privacy violations.  The company’s corporate spin-off At Home Lab was launched early...

Lukuhol.com launched for real estate agents

Japan’s overcrowded scene of online real estate marketplaces has seen the launch of another property matching site at Lukuhol.com. This one’s only open to realtors.  The site’s holding company, Tokyo-based Lukuhol Corporation, was established in January....