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China approves used auto exports

With domestic demand slowing, China has officially started a program to export used vehicles. Analysts say it will help meet the growing demand for mobility and transport in emerging markets and speed up the country's efforts to improve its secondhand vehicle trade...

Xiangwushuo: Innovating with an e-currency

China is seemingly flooded with c-to-c used goods platforms right now, but Xiangwushuo and its unorthodox approach to everything from platform to payments has clearly stood out from the crowd for investors. This content is part of our business intelligence service....

China-based Guazi and Chezhibao attract funds

Guazi completed $400 million U.S. Series B financing Guazi ershouche, among the leading c-to-c used auto platforms in China, has secured $400 million U.S. in an eagerly anticipated Series B financing round. The round was led by a $100 million U.S. investment from...

Alibaba sends seven ambassadors to Australia

Alibaba Group, China’s leading b-to-b marketplace, announced today that seven top Chinese e-commerce influencers will tour Australia in a bid to create further demand for Alibaba and local exporters. This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please...