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Revenue down at Ringier, despite solid classifieds performance

High growth rates in the digital business cannot yet offset classifieds and corporate advertising losses at Swiss media company Ringier AG. Although Ringier reached the medium-term growth goals set for its digital business, the strategy to transform into a diversified media company cut revenue and profitability again in financial year 2014.In FY2014 overall revenue were down 3.7 percent to CHF

Jobeo.ch partners with ESH Medias

Jobeo.ch partners with ESH Medias

Swiss media group Editions Suisses Holding (in short ESH Médias), one of the remaining regional newspaper groups for the French-speaking cantons in Switzerland, joined forces with the young jobs search engine Jobeo.ch. ESH Médias, owned by French <a href="https://aimgroup.com/wp-admin/Groupe%20Hersant%20M%C

Several strong e-commerce players interested in Ricardo

The leading Swiss newspaper "Tagesanzeiger" whipped the rumor that Naspers wants to sell its Swiss subsidiary Ricardo AG into a frenzy with a report that several players had entered the bidding competition. Naspers reportedly hopes to pocket between 300 and 400 million Swiss francs

LeBonCoin rate hikes irate small traders

Starting from late 2014, French site LeBonCoin started to charge professionals higher rates for listing autos, real estate and general items, with prices rising up to 10 percent. As the site begins to monetize more actively, the move is said to harm most artisans and small entrepreneurs... Want

Dutch TMG likely to shed digital assets

Following the announcement by one of the leading Dutch publishers Telegraaf Media Groep that it intends to focus on core brands, Dutch media began to discuss the likely strategy concerning the digital side of business. .. Want to know more about

With Mecom, De Persgroep will control 54% of Dutch market

With Mecom, De Persgroep will control 54% of Dutch market

De Persgroep will control 53.9 percent of the Dutch newspaper publishing market if the proposed acquisition of Mecom Group is approved by the Dutch anti-trust authority. Then De Persgroep will be the most influential media group ahead of Telegraaf Media Groep, which controls 35.7 percent of the Dutch market, according to a study of the Dutch media landscape commissioned by ABN Amro Bank and perfor