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Craig Newmark’s three lessons

Craig Newmark’s three lessons

A blog item by Craig Newmark on Huffington Post provides just a little more light about why Craigslist is nothing like an average capitalistic classified company.

Craigslist revenue soars again

Craigslist revenue soars again

Craigslist is "the most profitable classified site in the world," with estimated revenue of almost $700 million in 2016 at a margin close to 80 percent, according to research by the AIM Group.

Newmark grasps sustainable immortality

Captains of industry often create monuments to themselves. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has funded a monument everyone can use in his New Jersey hometown. The self-described "nerd" will immortalize himself by funding a $10,000 composting toilet in the Early Street Community Garden, a project of three local "ladies," who rejuvenated a junkyard across the street from Newmark's childhood home in

Craigslist ad becomes entertaining story shared by Newmark

Craigslist ad becomes entertaining story shared by Newmark

In the midst of ongoing Craigslist killer, rapist,  con artist and thief coverage comes a story that reminds us of how classified listings - even those on Craigslist - much more often than not result in productive sales, delighted buyers, and even creative, entertaining and informative content. This story came by way of  Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who took a break from his bird-watching

Craigslist, EBay litigation timeline

A timeline of the litigation between Craigslist and its part-owner, EBay:

August 9, 2004 - EBay, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and CEO and part-owner Jim Buckmaster, as Craigslist predecessor 1010 Cole Street, Inc. sign a shareholders’ agreement. According to the EBay complaint, this agreement “imposed certain transfer restrictions and rights

Yet another ‘Aw, I’m just Craig’ q-and-a

By Peter Zollman We’ve got a category at the AIM Group we call YACLWs --- “yet another Craigslist wannabe.” Today we’re officially adding a new category: “Yet another ‘Aw shucks, I’m just little ole me, Craig Newmark’ interviews.” This week’s offender is Inman News, a site we generally admire tremendously. Yet the ridiculous, for-no-apparent-reason Craig Newmark interview this w

Newmark kicks off push for ‘common good’

          Craig Newmark and his “team” --- not the Craigslist team, but a new team that’s running a philanthropy site he’s launched --- formally kicked off a site this week called CraigConnects.org. It’s “connecting the world for the common good,” focusing on seven areas where Newmark wants to make a difference.           This is “a long-term effort, not a

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