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Jill Williams, Naspers New Ventures

Williams joins Naspers NV from EBay

Jill Williams, formerly global spokesperson for the EBay Classifieds Group, joined Naspers New Ventures, the company's investment fund in San Francisco.

W3, EBay notifying users of data breach

W3, EBay notifying users of data breach

Vivanuncios and EBay, its new owner, are notifying users some of their personal data may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.Personal user data from Vivanuncios and other Vivastreet sites may have been captured by unauthorized users, both companies have reported. (Our earlier coverage is

Vivanuncios user data stolen by hacker

Vivanuncios, the Mexican classified website recently purchased by EBay from W3 Ltd., has been hacked.The companies disclosed the data theft on Thursday after inquiries from the AIM Group, which was informed of the hack by a man who claims to run a Belgian classified site. The data breach occurred while the site was owned by W3, before EBay acquired it in January.“W3 Inc. is aware of an int

Poaching between Naspers and EBay at new level

Poaching between Naspers and EBay at new level

Naspers and EBay have been poaching senior managers from one another for some time (our June report here), but the poaching has never been more intense than now.In the past three months Naspers poached two senior managers from EBay and EBay retaliated with a big poach in Africa. And these are only the poaches

EBay adds 1,000 engineers in India

EBay officially opened its second development center in Bangalore, India this week. The center will hire 1,000 engineers in the next three years to develop consumer functions, mobile apps, and architecture functionality for EBay Marketplaces and PayPal, reported The Times of India (