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Kijiji in Canada offers new cars

Kijiji, the leading Canadian general-classifieds site, has added new cars for sale directly from dealers to its listings. Kijiji published more than 119,000 new-car listings last month, according to a sponsored Narcity article. Dealers list new-car inventory directly...

Mobile.de’s name and logo challenged

Germany’s largest auto site Mobile.de has suffered a setback in its seven-year legal battle over the rights to its business name and logo. This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button below to learn more....

EBay Classifieds Group starts new motors vertical

EBay Classifieds Group (ECG), the segment that oversees 11 classified brands worldwide, created a vertical, called EBay Classifieds Group Motors. The company hasn’t announced it officially, but it’s hiring key positions for the new brand. Job ads have appeared on...