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Michael Yao, CEO of China's classifieds giant 58.com

58.com stays strong, holds off on auto finance

58.com Inc. (58同城, NYSE: WUBA), a large classifieds company in China, continues to leave last year’s concerns over profitability in the mirror. After consolidating a series of high-profile acquisitions in 2015, the Beijing-based company reported net income from operations of 522.4 million RMB ($78.6 million U.S.) in Q3 of FY2017, up from 143 million RMB in Q3 of FY2016.

Seek plan pushes Zhaopin into red in Q2

Seek plan pushes Zhaopin into red in Q2

Zhaopin Ltd. (NYSE: ZPIN), operator of one of China's three leading job sites, reported a net loss of RMB 5.2 million ($700,000 U.S.) in Q2 of FY2016/17, since the plan of a consortium headed by Australia-based Seek to delist Zhaopin changed Zhaopin's tax situation in the eyes of the taxman.

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