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A recommendation webinar to recommend

Here is a webinar date which might prove to be worth your while. It’s on personal recommendations in retargeting campaigns, ie. when Big Data chooses which content (products, news, ads) should appear on third party sites and ad networks (such as Google Display Network) for a particular customer, based on that user’s behavior and interests. The free webinar is scheduled for May 6 at 16h00 to 17h

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How recommendation engines boost ad revenue

As users migrate from desktop to mobile, display advertising as an income source comes under growing pressure at classified platforms. And with it the need to optimize ad income from traffic that still frequent the stationary screen. Just how recommendation engines help classified players optimize their incomes from display ad revenue is described nicely in

How recommendations boost classifieds

There are several ways to grow user activity on a classifieds portal (eg. SEO, advertising, partnering). One of the tools with a big potential to grow page views and stretch average "time-on-site" (to mention just two KPIs impacted by it), is also one that is less often spoken about, namely personal recommendations. Hungarian recommendations expert