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Suumo.jp ties up with HomePro

Suumo.jp, the No.1 Japanese property marketplace (in terms of traffic), has entered into a collaboration agreement with the country’s largest renovation firm search engine HomePro (ホームプロ). It will now list 900 remodeling companies on its “remodel”...

Jmty.jp introduces new ad product

Japanese horizontal Jimoty (at Jmty.jp) has introduced a new advertisement service that it said would expose a listing to an estimated 15 million page views per month. These ads will be placed at the top of the screen on both its website and app. They are expected to...

Nomu.com/pro adds investment simulation tool

Investment property site Nomu.com/pro has introduced a real estate investment simulation tool to help investors predetermine cash flows for rental properties.  Prospective sellers or buyers can conduct an online simulation to get an estimate for the annual income...