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MyNavi launches new job hunting tool

Japanese job sites’ operator MyNavi Corp. has launched a new job hunting tool for students studying abroad. The online tool lets would-be graduates watch company briefings, submit entry sheets, and adjust interview schedules. The system will also facilitate web...

Persol Holdings closes DataShip

TechPlay.jp will showcase career-enhancement and capacity building opportunities for data scientists after its parent company Persol Holdings Limited terminates its online learning program DataShip. Persol Holdings announced the shutdown earlier this month. TechPlay...

QiitaJobs beta-tests for tech job hunters

Increments Inc., the software development arm of Nagoya-based Internet firm AteAm Inc., has launched beta-version of its site QiitaJobs, which focuses on programmers. Tokyo-based Increments also operates a social media network for software engineers at Qiita.com. The...