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Guilty plea filed in Backpage case

Sentencing is scheduled Nov. 19 for Dan Hyer, former sales and marketing director of Backpage.com, who pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona, to conspiracy to facilitate prostitution. Hyer, 49, faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine....

Backpage trial set for January 2020

Seven people charged in connection with the Backpage.com advertising and money-laundering case have been scheduled for trial in January, 2020. Michael Lacey, one of the site’s founders, described the case as “nonsense.” All seven have pleaded not guilty. Former...

Backpage sex charges dismissed

A California state court judge today [Friday] dismissed charges against the CEO of Backpage.com and two other men linked to the company, saying the state acted improperly in filing the pimping charges in the first place. Judge Michael G. Bowman of California Superior...