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Job.KiraCare.jp opens first branch office

The Japanese career-change site for caregivers Job.KiraCare.jp — which is owned by HR firm Leverages Inc. — has established its first branch office in Osaka to expand sales and support services in the region. Up until recently, Leverages could only help...

ReJob Inc. relocates its headquarters

ReJob Inc. has relocated its headquarters to a relatively more spacious office space in Tokyo as the company prepares for business expansion. ReJob operates a job-matching site focused on the beauty and healthcare industry at Relax-Job. It also runs a nursing care job...

Posol.Omros.jp launched for nursing jobs

The Japanese nursing care industry has yet another dedicated job site. Posol.Omros.jp was launched earlier this month to help employers save on job advertising costs.   This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button below to learn...