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InstaBase.jp launches insurance service

Japanese rental space booking site InstaBase.jp has launched insurance cover of up to Y100 million ($898,000 U.S.) to compensate owners for possible damages to their property while its in use.  Launched by Tokyo-based Rebase Inc. in Apr. 2014, InstaBase is a...

Nomu.com/pro adds investment simulation tool

Investment property site Nomu.com/pro has introduced a real estate investment simulation tool to help investors predetermine cash flows for rental properties.  Prospective sellers or buyers can conduct an online simulation to get an estimate for the annual income...

Lifull earns $9.1 million in Q1

Japanese Lifull Co. Ltd. (TSE: 2120) reported a 70 percent year-on-year surge in net profit to 1 billion yen ($9.1 million U.S.) for the first quarter ended Dec. 31. Lifull’s annual revenue grew 3.2 percent to ¥8.4 billion ($76.1 million U.S.), while EBITDA jumped...