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Meinestadt.de will grow staff by 30%

The German horizontal Meinestadt.de has announced it intends to grow its staff complement by 30 percent during 2019. “Our focus is mainly on the IT domain where we want to provide for more flexibility and development energy in the long run,” MD Mark...

Stepstone and Meinestadt.de test cooperation

Job advertisements from German horizontal Meinestadt.de are currently being featured on StepStone, one of Germany’s leading jobs sites. Both companies are subsidiaries of Axel Springer. This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button...

Immowelt and Kalaydo take hands

Immowelt Holding, operator of Germany's real estate sites Immowelt and Immonet, is exploiting its well-established parentage to the maximum. Last week it replaced Immobilienscout24 as exclusive real estate partner of Meinestadt.de (our report here*) and today it...